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Who are we?

AirBliss+ BV is a High-Tech Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) firm based in The Netherlands, launching its products globally. We developed and commercialize a smart Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) for professionals and consumers.

We are conducting various R&D projects to integrate innovative tech to make our PAPR safer. Our mission is to support companies reaching the Zero Accident Workplace. To achieve this, we propose respiratory protection that not only protect against harmful dust and gases but also prevent from severe accidents. We are looking for passionate job applicants and interns to support us developing electronics hardware, software / firmware powered by AI/ML.

Our new colleagues will be part of an international team, supporting them on mechanical engineering, electronics hardware & software, and PPE regulation.

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Hardware & Firmware Electronics Engineer
R&D Project Manager Junior

Open full time jobs :

IoT Sensor Photonic Internship

Open Internships :

Fall & Fatigue Detection Internship
Photocatalysis Internship